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Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil: Nature's Secret Weapon for Health and Beauty

Coconut oil is a game changer in the health and wellness scene. It’s been used for centuries for the amazing benefits it offers. People also rub it in the belly button, which is said to boost health. In this article, we’re going to explore the science behind this ancient trick, and how it may upgrade your health.

Virgin vs. refined coconut oil:

Virgin coconut oil is better. It’s less processed and is richer in quality. Organic and cold-pressed are free of preservatives and keep the good substances intact.

Potential Benefits of Coconut Oil in Belly Button:

1. Improving skin health

The top benefit is healthy and Nourishing the skin. The MCFAs in coconut oil hydrate skin. They feed it and make it soft, smooth, and bright.

Clearing blemishes

Coconut oil may help get rid of pigmentation spots. It fights harmful bacteria that can cause skin problems like pimples.

2. Reducing belly fat

Coconut oil on your belly button may help reduce belly fat.

Metabolism boost

The MCFAs in coconut oil is proposed to give the metabolism a boost. This means you burn more energy and lose weight faster.

Feeling fuller for longer

When applied to the navel, coconut oil is proposed to keep hunger at bay. This way, you may avoid extra snacks.

3. Enhancing fertility

There’s a belief that says belly button coconut oil may help make you more fertile.

Balancing hormones

It is proposed to help balance hormones tied to having kids, such as estrogen and progesterone. There is no valid science backing this as of now.

4. Alleviating menstrual pain

The period can come with pain and discomfort. MCFAs in coconut oil are thought to have muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, proposed to relieve menstrual pains. More research is needed in this regard.

5. Managing upset stomach

Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties so they may be able to get rid of harmful bugs that cause stomach pain. The MCFAs are said to aid digestion. Thus, it may be good for managing an upset stomach. Taking it orally will be more beneficial than rubbing in the belly button.

6. Strengthening vision

While more evidence is needed, the oil potentially offers key nutrients that may help fight inflammation, also keeping your eyes at their best. Moreover, the MCFAs provide nutrition to tissues all over the body. This may make your eyes healthier and work better.

Although research have shown positive effects of coconut oil application, further large-scale human studies are needed to confirm these benefits.


Rubbing coconut oil on your belly button can seem odd. But this old trick might provide potential health benefits. Though it’s generally safe, discussing with a doctor before starting is always important. Be sure to follow the tips we shared here. In cases you are allergic, then stop the coconut oil and visit a doctor right away. You can try using alternative oils in case of allergy.

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