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"Kangeyan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil" is our brand in the market. It's better than other coconut oils extracted from copra (dried coconut kernel) or not depends on several factors:

Extraction Method: Cold pressing is generally considered a better method of extracting coconut oil compared to other methods like solvent extraction, as it retains more of the oil's natural flavor and nutrients.

Source of Coconuts: The quality of coconut oil can vary depending on the source of coconuts. Fresh, high-quality coconuts are likely to produce better oil compared to older or lower-quality coconuts.

Processing Techniques: The way the oil is processed and filtered can impact its quality. High-quality coconut oils are often minimally processed and may undergo less refinement, which preserves more of the oil's natural characteristics.

Purity and Authenticity: The purity and authenticity of the product matter. Ensure that you're purchasing a genuine, unadulterated product.

Taste and Aroma: The taste and aroma of coconut oil can vary from brand to brand. Some people prefer a more pronounced coconut flavor, while others may prefer a milder taste.

Health Benefits: Cold-pressed coconut oil is believed to retain more of the oil's natural health benefits compared to highly processed versions.

To determine if "Kangeyan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil" is better than other options, it's essential to consider these factors and potentially try the product to see if it meets your personal preferences and needs. Reading customer reviews and conducting research on the specific product can also provide insights into its quality and reputation. Ultimately, the "better" coconut oil may vary depending on individual preferences and intended uses.

Coconut Oil 500ML

  • Shelf Life : 3+ Months(Must be Store the product in Air Tight Containers.)
    Manufacturer : KANGEYAN TRADERS 
    Manufacturer Address : 3/5, Ellaikumarapalayam, North 
    Ramalingapuram post , Chennimalai 
    block, Erode, Tamil Nadu-638051
    Packed & Distributed By : KANGEYAN TRADERS (
    Country Of Origin : India