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Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder:

Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder, also known as "Idli Milagai Podi" or "Idli Chutney Powder," is a traditional South Indian spice blend that is specifically designed to enhance the flavor and texture of idlis, a popular South Indian steamed rice cake. This homemade idly powder is meticulously prepared using a combination of aromatic spices and other natural ingredients. Here's a detailed description of Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder:

**Ingredients:** Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder typically includes a blend of the following ingredients:

1. **Urad Dal (Black Gram)**: Urad dal is one of the primary ingredients that lend a rich, nutty flavor to the idly powder. It also adds a creamy texture.

2. **Chana Dal (Split Chickpeas)**: Chana dal provides a mild, slightly nutty taste and a pleasant crunch to the powder.

3. **Red Chilies**: Dried red chilies are used to infuse the spice blend with heat and a vibrant red color.

4. **Sesame Seeds**: Sesame seeds contribute a subtle, earthy flavor and add a pleasant texture.

5. **Hing (Asafoetida)**: Hing imparts a unique, umami-like flavor and aids in digestion.

6. **Salt**: A controlled amount of salt is added to balance the flavors and enhance the overall taste.

7. **Oil**: A minimal amount of oil is used during the roasting process to enhance the blend's shelf life.

**Preparation:** Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder is prepared by roasting the ingredients to perfection. The dals, red chilies, and sesame seeds are roasted separately to achieve the right level of crispiness and flavor. Once roasted, these ingredients are combined, and hing and salt are added for seasoning. The mixture is then ground into a fine or slightly coarse powder, depending on personal preference.

**Texture and Aroma:** The resulting idly powder has a coarse yet slightly granulated texture, allowing it to adhere well to idlis and other South Indian breakfast items. It exudes a delightful aroma with the earthiness of roasted dals, the warmth of red chilies, and the subtle fragrance of sesame seeds.

**Taste Profile:** Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder strikes a harmonious balance between spicy, nutty, and savory flavors. It offers a moderate level of heat from the red chilies, making it suitable for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their dishes.

**Usage:** This idly powder is traditionally used as a condiment to accompany idlis, dosas, and other South Indian dishes. To enjoy it, simply sprinkle a small amount on your idlis or dosas and serve with coconut chutney or sambar. It can also be mixed with ghee or oil and served as a dip.

**Storage:** Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness and flavor.

**Authenticity:** Kangeyan Home Made Idly Powder is prepared following time-honored recipes and is a beloved staple in South Indian households, adding depth and flavor to breakfast meals.

**Note:** The specific ingredients and preparation process may vary slightly depending on regional and family preferences.

Idly Powder 200gm

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  • Shelf Life :3+ Months (Must be Store the product in Air Tight Containers.)
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