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Kangeyan Cold Pressed Lamp Oil, also known as "Lamp Paraffin," is a cherished embodiment of time-honored traditions and unadulterated purity. This lamp oil is meticulously crafted to serve as a sacred and dependable source of light for homes, temples, and spiritual ceremonies.

Traditional Extraction Method:
Our Lamp Oil is extracted using the cold pressing technique, a method that reveres tradition and preserves the oil's innate quality. Through this gentle process, we ensure that the lamp oil remains untainted by heat or chemical treatments, keeping it in its most natural form.

Key Attributes:
Kangeyan Cold Pressed Lamp Oil boasts several distinguishing features that make it the preferred choice for spiritual and cultural practices:

1. Purity and Clarity:
Our lamp oil is renowned for its purity and clarity, producing a clean and radiant flame that signifies the absence of impurities. Its pristine nature aligns with the sacred purpose of providing illumination for spiritual devotion and prayer.

2. Low Odor:
Our lamp oil is meticulously refined to reduce any unpleasant odors. It offers a gentle and unobtrusive fragrance, allowing the focus to remain on the spiritual experience.

3. Consistent Burning:
The lamp oil is designed to burn consistently, ensuring a steady and unwavering flame during rituals and prayers, symbolizing devotion and continuity.

4. Smokeless and Sootless:
Kangeyan Cold Pressed Lamp Oil is formulated to produce minimal smoke and soot, preserving the purity of the environment and the sacred objects it illuminates.

5. Versatile Usage:
While primarily intended for spiritual and religious purposes, this lamp oil can also be used for decorative oil lamps, creating an atmosphere of serenity and reverence in homes and sacred spaces.

Symbol of Illumination:
For generations, our lamp oil has been a symbol of enlightenment, purity, and spiritual connection. Its consistent, smokeless, and odorless flame enhances the ambiance of religious ceremonies and creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere for meditation and contemplation.

A Commitment to Tradition:
Kangeyan Cold Pressed Lamp Oil upholds the sacred traditions of lamp lighting, offering a pure and unwavering source of light to illuminate your spiritual journey. Its reverence for tradition and commitment to purity make it the ideal choice for those seeking to connect with their spiritual selves and heritage.

Lamp Oil 500 ML

SKU: 0058
  • Shelf Life : 3 Months (Must be Store the product in Air Tight Containers.)
    Manufacturer : KANGEYAN TRADERS 
    Manufacturer Address : 3/5, Ellaikumarapalayam, North 
    Ramalingapuram post , Chennimalai 
    block, Erode, Tamil Nadu-638051
    Packed & Distributed By : KANGEYAN TRADERS (
    Country Of Origin : India