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Turmeric is grown in our fields by using pure organic manures such as Panchakaviya, vermicompost etc... Its been last 8 years we are using this method of agriculture in our fields. Post harvesting, it has been provided to the mills in our place for hand grinding and packed keenly.


Health & Benefits :

● Strong anti-inflammatory support
● Promotes blood and liver function
● Helps improve digestion & metabolism
● Enhances skin, bone, and joint health


**Product Description:**

Elevate your culinary experience and nurture your well-being with our premium Organic Turmeric Powder. Sourced from the pristine fields where nature thrives in its purest form, our turmeric powder is a testament to authenticity and quality.

Key Features:

1. Certified Organic: Our turmeric powder is meticulously cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, ensuring that you receive the purest and most natural product possible.

2. Rich in Curcumin: Packed with the powerful antioxidant curcumin, our turmeric powder offers numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and support for overall wellness.

3. Vibrant Color and Aroma: Experience the true essence of turmeric with its vibrant golden hue and earthy aroma. Each spoonful encapsulates the essence of nature's goodness.

4. Versatile Ingredient: From enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes to being a cornerstone in traditional Ayurvedic remedies, our turmeric powder is incredibly versatile, adding depth and character to a wide array of recipes.

5. Ethically Sourced: We take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that our farmers receive fair compensation for their labor while fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

6. Convenient Packaging: Packaged with care to preserve its freshness and potency, our turmeric powder comes in a convenient resealable pouch, perfect for storing in your pantry or taking on-the-go.

Why Choose Organic Turmeric Powder?

By choosing organic turmeric powder, you not only prioritize your health and well-being but also contribute to the sustainability of our planet. With every sprinkle of our premium turmeric powder, you embark on a journey towards holistic wellness and culinary delight.

Experience the Essence of Organic Turmeric Today!

Indulge in the purity of nature's golden spice with our Organic Turmeric Powder. Whether you're crafting a flavorful curry, brewing a soothing golden latte, or concocting a rejuvenating face mask, our turmeric powder is your trusted companion on your journey to wholesome living.


Organic Turmeric Powder 100gm

SKU: 101001
  • Shelf Life : 1+ Years (Must be Store the product in Air Tight Containers.)
    Manufacturer : KANGEYAN TRADERS 
    Manufacturer Address : /5, Ellaikumarapalayam, North 
    Ramalingapuram post , Chennimalai 
    block, Erode, Tamil Nadu-638051
    Packed & Distributed By : KANGEYAN TRADERS (
    Country Of Origin : India